Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Clan of the Poes (Page 75)

//Panel 1//
Why, they were such agreeable doctors.
The older one had a stately beard
and the young one was handsome!
They appeal to you?
Then just pounce on them and suck their blood!
//Panel 2//
Baron Portsnell:
Edgar…! How horrible…
What do you mean by 'pounce'? It's initiation!
We welcome the chosen to our clan!
//Panel 3//
Let's put it this way: We are vampires!
//Panel 4//
Baron Portsnell:
Stop using such a scandalous, "human" word!
Why put on an act?
It's all the same!
We're monsters who can't live without sucking blood!
//Panel 5//
The reason we left the village and came to the city was
to get new blood, new victims!!
Baron Portsnell:

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