Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Glen Smith's Diary (Page 52)

//Panel 1//
Elizabeth's Narration:
In a tiny apartment in Berlin, Europe's flower garden,
Julietta was born, then Julie, and then our youngest, Anna. —We were happy.
//Panel 2//
Elizabeth's Narration:
Very happy.
//Panel 4//
Tony, Tony
//Panel 5//
…Tony, we're going to war!
Don't worry. It will end quickly. The German Empire will win.
//Panel 6//
Elizabeth's Narration:

This was a nice illustration of Tony's and Elizabeth's happy married life. I really like the image of Tony playing the cello inside their tenement apartment while the kids scamper around.

As for the text, "Europe's flower garden" was a literal translation, but I couldn't find any hard proof that this or anything resembling it is or was an actual nickname for Berlin. So if anyone knows, please tell me, as well as the background for this moniker. Then again, perhaps it is only Elizabeth's personal impressions of Berlin, as a lovely place where flowers bloom all over the city.

In Panel 4, Elizabeth literally says, "You, you" (あなた、あなた). I can't speak for German couples, but this is what wives commonly call their husbands in Japan. Given names are rarely used among spouses.

The objects spilling from the basket in Panel 3…I have no idea what they are. Coconuts? That wouldn't make sense…Again, help me out if you have inside information!

In the next panel, Tony assures Elizabeth that the war will end soon. This is apparently how most people in the German Empire thought in real life. Unfortunately for all the various countries involved, that didn't turn out to be the case.

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