Monday, May 21, 2007

Glen Smith's Diary (Page 63)

//Panel 1//
Glen Smith was…
Julie's Voice:
Oh, if we could only live in such a village of blooming roses for days on end… How wonderful…
//Panel 2//
You see, just to keep going is a very hard thing.
You only have to follow the passing days, but it is so hard at times…
//Panel 3//
that weak people—particularly weak people—dream dreams that never come true.
//Panel 4//
Elizabeth's Narration:
Glen Smith searched for the village…
Glen Smith reread his old diary again and again…
Glen Smith chased happiness in the village of the immortals beyond the grasp of time…

This was a troubling scene for me. More than 3o years passed since Elizabeth first found the diary, and she has been returning to its pages just like her father. Her deceased daughter, Julie, was also fond of reading it. Are they all weak people who looked for an escape in an impossible dream?

I am not sure about Glen Smith, but Elizabeth weathered the harshness of life pretty well, rolling with the punches—the loss of her family ties in England, her husband, her daughter, and her grandson. But she never clung to her past, always moving forward.

In the beginning we saw that Edgar lost his sister Marybel. We will learn the exact circumstances in later episodes, but we will also learn that Edgar could never completely recover from just this one loss with all the special power he has.

So I am not sure what Elizabeth means in this scene—she has been nothing less than brave and strong. But this is her parting words with us readers, as the story moves on to the next generation.

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