Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Village of the Poes (Page 39)

//Panel 1//
Glen Smith's Narration:
Peerless beauty, eternal life, bottomless fear, unknowable mystery…in the legend, blue mist, twilight and darkness
Amidst the dripping blood, cold fingers and smiles
//Panel 2//
Glen Smith:
//Panel 3//
Glen Smith:
…I will become a vampire, too—
Hnn… a fool like you who mistook my sister for a deer and shot her, joining our immortal clan?
//Panel 4//
You don't merit it. Please go back tomorrow
and live as human for the number of years God allotted to you.
//Panel 5//
Glen Smith:
…I must have a bite mark on my neck!
I don't suck in such a poor fashion. We can…

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