Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Village of the Poes (Page 40)

//Panel 1//
See…just by doing this, I can get the energy we need from you through my fingertips…
//Panel 2//
Glen Smith:
And…kill roses! But…you must be vulnerable to light,
//Panel 3//
Glen Smith:
Cast no reflection in a mirror, and are repelled by garlic and crucifixes.
And live in a coffin?
//Panel 4//
Glen Smith:
So I heard and read in books…Are you really a vampire?
//Panel 5//
Hnn… fine, if that's how you would like to call us. We are… the Poes. Well…good night…take care.
//Panel 6//
Glen Smith's Narration:
The Poes…

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