Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Moto Hagio Perfect Selection

Moto Hagio Perfect Selection
Moto Hagio Perfect Selection (萩尾望都パーフェクトセレクション) went on sale last month. So far Vol 1 and Vol 2 are available. All color pages are being reproduced in their full glory! It's very interesting that this anthology starts with Tooma no Shinzo. Is that perhaps more popular in Japan than Poe?

Vol. 1 [on sale]
Tooma no Shinzo I (トーマの心臓 I)
Contains Tooma no Shinzo (Thomas' Heart)

Vol. 2 [on sale]
Tooma no Shinzo II (トーマの心臓 II)
Contains Tooma no Shinzo (Continuation), The Visitor (訪問者), and The November Gymnasium (11月のギムナジウム).
accompanied by a separate, full color volume: On the Lake - Summer of Fourteen and a Half (「湖畔にて」十四と半分の年の夏)

Vol. 3 [Aug 2007 release]
They Were Eleven! (11人いる!)
Contains They Were Eleven, Horizon of the East, Eternity of the West (東の地平 西の永遠), and Space Street (スペース・ストリート)

Vol. 4 [Sep 2007 release]
Mesh (or Meches) I
Contains Mesh (or Meches), Rouge, Blanc, Spring Bone (春の骨), MontMartre, MOVEMENT, Revolution (革命), and Plan de Paris

Vol. 5 [Oct 2007 release]
Mesh (or Meches) II
Contains Listening (耳をかたむけて), Thousand Arrows (千の矢), People You Can't Stand (苦手な人種), Carnival(謝肉祭), Realistic Death of Surrealistic Love (シュールな愛のリアルな死), and The Boat (船)

Vol. 6 [Nov 2007 release]
Poe no Ichizoku I
Contains Translucent Silver Hair (すきとおった銀の髪), The Village of the Poes (ポーの村), Glen Smith's Diary (グレンスミスの日記), The Clan of the Poes (ポーの一族), Marybel and the Silver Roses (メリーベルと銀のばら), and The Little Birds' Nest (小鳥の巣)

Vol. 7 [Dec 2007 release]
Poe no Ichizoku II
Contains Evans' Will (エヴァンズの遺書), Penny Rain (ペニー・レイン), Liddell in the Forest (リデル・森の中), Lambton speaks (ランプトンは語る), Piccadilly at Seven (ピカデリー7時), Flowers and Little Birds of Faraway Lands (はるかな国の花や小鳥), Holmes's Deerstalker Cap (ホームズの帽子), A Week (一週間), and Edith (エディス)

Vol. 8 [Jan 2008 release]
Star Red (スター・レッド)

Vol. 9 [Feb 2008 release]
Contains Hanshin (Demigod 半神), Iguana's Daughter (イグアナの娘), The Mimicry of Angels (天使の擬態), The Drug to Go to School (学校へ行くクスリ), The Afternoon Sun (午後の日射し), Catharsis (カタルシス), The Returning Child (帰ってくる子), The Yukata That Sayo Sews (小夜の縫うゆかた), Friend K (友人K), The Pretender (偽王), Greenhouse (温室), Marine (マリーン)

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