Saturday, August 18, 2007

Marybel and the Silver Roses (Page 194)

//Panel 1//
Old Hannah’s Narration:
------stopped time.
Old Hannah’s Narration:
So the girl lives on, tomorrow
And the next day
Ready your stakes. Don’t stop praying!
Kill them!
Kill those evil spirits! Kill them!
//Panel 2//
Old Hannah:
Good little children.
Keep growing, growing.
Old Hannah’s Narration:
Her lovely silver hair caressed by the breeze…
Old Hannah’s Narration:
Forever a young maiden.
//Panel 4//
Old hag…old crone…
//Panel 6//
What are vampires?
Old Hannah:
They are a legend in this village… such ridiculous talk…
//Panel 8//
How old are you, Granny?
Old Hannah:
Heh heh, how old do I look to you?

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