Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Clan of the Poes (Page 187)

//Panel 1//
It took much time for people to journey in the old days.
//Panel 2//
Now, it takes a tiny portion of your lives to span the globe.
Space travel was nothing but a dream...
//Panel 3//
And now it’s steadily becoming a reality.
In our own Germany...
//Panel 4//
That’s it for today!
I like Professor Groff!
He always wraps things up five minutes early.
//Panel 5//
Here’s the new single by Paul Anka…hey!
Another student:
First I have to call my Mom…huh…?!
//Panel 6//
Who are those two over by the gate?
Other student:
What? Where? Where—
Whoa, don’t push!
//Panel 7//
Student’s Narration:
I bet they’re transfer students. Wonder what year they are? Where could they be from?

The End, The Clan of the Poes
(first published October, 1972)

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Shoujofan said...

Your blog is amazing. Congratulations for your work. I really love Hagio Moto work. ^^