Monday, May 28, 2007

Death in Venice

Björn Andrésen in Death in VeniceIn an interview I read somewhere, Moto Hagio mentioned a few movies she saw back in her Oizumi Salon days. One was "This Special Friendship" that became a basis for "Tooma no Shinzou," which I discussed in my blog. Another was "Death in Venice." So I found two clips from those films on YouTube. I have never seen either of the movies, but gosh!

In "Death in Venice" you see bourgeoisie family vacation life, formal dinners, children and mothers dressed impeccably in turn-of-the-century style. We just saw the grand entrance of the Portsnells at a hotel—apparently a gathering place of the wealthy in the city—and an impressed old man, Dr. Caster, says "It's a perfect picture!" Guess where it came from!

(Music - Gustav Mahler's Symphony No.5 in C#m, the fourth movement)

Here is a bonus link: Casting call for Björn Andrésen for his role in "Death in Venice."

By the way, this is the only occasions where the Portsnells make a splashy appearance to the public. They are ususally more subtle in other episodes.

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