Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Vampire - Vampanella: The Traits

Vampire or Love and Pain, 1893-4 Oil on canvas 91 x 109 cm by Edvard MunchIn the last post, the true identity of Edgar and the Poes was finally revealed - they were vampires! (Incidentally, this is a painting called "Love and Pain" by Edvard Munch; it's supposed to be depicting a woman consoling a man, but was misinterpreted as a female vampire biting the man!)

Well, when Glen Smith uses this word (actually, in manga, the term is "vampanella"), Edgar shows scorn. His clan just calls itself "the Poes." They are a bit different from the common notion of "vampires."

  • You don't automatically become a vampire when you got your blood sucked. The Poes purposefully select who to add to the clan. Obviously, no idiots are allowed.
  • No shape shifting (i.e. bats, rats). They don't fly, either.
  • They don't necessarily have to bite your neck to suck blood. They can absorb your "energy" through their fingertips. They don't seem to have visible fangs.
  • They can live on roses. They eat rose soup and drink rose tea. Rose soup is not very delicious. As long as they have access to roses they don't attack humans.
  • They can pretend to eat human food, but it doesn't taste good to them.
  • They are active in daylight, though they prefer darkness.
  • They don't seem to mind crucifixes or garlic too much, except that Marybel doesn't really like crucifixes, as we will see later. Some of them even go to church (the Portsnells are apparently Catholic).
  • They don't normally cast reflections in mirrors but they can make themselves do so if they pay attention. We will learn this later.
  • They don't sleep in coffins—they have beds, except for King Poe (the master vampire), who insists on sleeping in one.
  • They are immortal and recover from serious wounds quickly, but suffer from anemia. You can deal with anemia by sharing blood with another vampire.
  • They stop aging at the point they become vampires. The master vampire has the richest blood, and there is a hierarchy based on the richness of your blood. The closer you are to the master vampire, the richer your blood will be. The hierarchy is determined by the richness of the blood of the vampire that turns you into one.
  • Critical wounds to vital organs can kill them, and they vanish when they die. Only some ashes remain.
  • They live in a village somwhere in Rutland, Great Britain, that's unknown to locals.
Compared to the traditional vampire traits, the Poes seem to be reasonable enough for me to get along with.

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