Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Village of the Poes (Page 42)

//Panel 1//
Glen Smith's Narration:
I searched the environs surrounding the castle, but there was definitely no such village to be found.
//Panel 2//
Glen Smith's Narration:
…But it wasn't a dream…because on my neck I still have a faint scar from the blood sucking. Could that boy have given my blood to the young girl afterwards?
//Panel 3//
Glen Smith's Narration:
The youth who claimed to be immortal...from which point exactly has he been alive?
The Poes! The village where a family of vampires lives, where roses bloom!
//Panel 4//
Glen Smith's Narration:
And with that, nobody would ever believe a word of this. Even the scar on my neck quickly faded. There's nothing for it but to record this in my diary.
//Panel 5//
Glen Smith's Narration:
The 13th of July, 1865, Glen Smith

End: "The Village of the Poes" —May 1972—

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