Sunday, May 20, 2007

Glen Smith's Diary (Page 62)

//Panel 1//
It was a long, long time ago…
//Panel 2//
Glen Smith stumbled upon the Village of the Poes, where immortals lived and roses bloomed.
//Panel 3//
It was a village in a valley far, far away from the flow of time in the human world, where you had no strife, no poverty, no despair…
//Panel 4//
The villagers lived on in an intimate love shared by the whole clan.
//Panel 5//
To join the Poes, you just accept a bite on your neck—
//Panel 6//
Oh dear! Those are vampires! I heard a scary story from my brother Pierre!
//Panel 7//
Was my great-grandfather a vampire? Did we have a vampire in the lineage of the Longbarts in Britain?
No, no, Glen Smith was…

Notice how the background is in black while Elizabeth tells the story of the Poes, with her body within the panels set at unusual angles, and fanciful, dream-like imagery as well as the rose motif.

She relates a very warm image of the Poe clan, doesn't she? Margrid's reaction, though, seems standard for anything connected with vampires. Her brother has obviously been teasing her about them.

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