Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Glen Smith's Diary (Page 54)

//Panel 1//
Elizabeth's Narration:
Germany lost, and bore the blame.
Nov. 1918
//Panel 3//
Elizabeth's Narration:
Our daughters were old enough to work at the laundry and the beauty parlor, but
//Panel 4//
Elizabeth's Narration:
Our lives were difficult. Everyone was poor.
//Panel 5//
Elizabeth's Narration:
Everything was so tough. Things seemed to keep turning for the worse…
//Panel 6//
Elizabeth's Narration:
Shall we go back…to England?
//Panel 7//
Elizabeth's Narration:
Now that I have no husband, should I hang my head and beg my family for money, and cross the North Sea once again?
//Panel 8//
Elizabeth's Narration:
…I'm crossing the North Sea as a bride…
//Panel 9//

Elizabeth reminisces on her memory of crossing the North Sea against her relatives' wishes when she thought of returning to England. When Moto Hagio came to Tokyo against her parents' wishes, she faced a period of uncertainty where her stories got rejected one after another, as detailed in this interview. Just like Elizabeth, I wonder if Hagio might also have anguished about returning to her parents. We often face such moments of weakness in life.


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Hello! You probably get this a lot, but I was curious if you are thinking about working with fan scanlation groups on this manga?

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