Monday, May 14, 2007

Glen Smith's Diary (Page 51)

//Panel 1//
Elizabeth's Aunt:
A musician…!! I'm against it.
Elizabeth!! Such a man with no social standing, or money…
and he is a Prussian!
…If you won't listen, I will cut all my ties with you.
He's deceiving you, poor thing.
//Panel 4//
Elizabeth's Narration:
Under the cold, unspoken acknowledgment of my brothers, aunt, and relatives, I crossed the North Sea to his homeland—Germany.
//Panel 5//
Elizabeth's Narration:
At the bottom of a heavy trunk I placed the diary of my father, Glen Smith.
//Panel 6//
Elizabeth's Narration:
Farewell, England. My memories. My fairy tales.
I'm crossing the sea as a bride.
//Panel 7//
//Panel 8//
I will make you happy.
//Panel 9//
I'll never let you go.

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