Saturday, May 12, 2007

Glen Smith's Diary (Page 47)

//Panel 1//
Oh, my—a diary of the deceased…we don't know what secrets it holds, Miss—we should burn it.
//Panel 2//
That's no matter—it's a daughter's privilege. Or are you saying you can't unlock it?
I can do it with a single wire. It's not rusted.
//Panel 3//
Thank you! I'll read it in private!
//Panel 4//
Elizabeth's Narration:
My father's diary…
and from 1865! When he was 20, before he married.
Elizabeth's Narration:
Well, now…he must have been a handsome youth.
//Panel 5//
Elizabeth's Narration:
As I expected, it began with a love poem.
The days of my father's youth…
His pining after beautiful young girls…
//Panel 6//
Elizabeth's Narration:
Lost love…and then
//Panel 8//
Elizabeth's Narration:
A village of blooming roses?
Glen Smith's Diary Entry:
The 4th of July I went by invitation to visit the Earl of Rutland at Sundown Castle.

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