Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Clan of the Poes (Page 69)

//Panel 1//
Farewell, Portsnell family. Please stay well.
—It's sad to part with acquaintances of such long standing…
Please come back to this village someday!
//Panel 2//
Good-bye, all! Please don't forget us.
We will return someday to this village, the home of our clan!
//Panel 3//
…Please …beware
Take extra precautions
with the town and its townspeople …
//Panel 4//
Good-bye, Portsnell family. Good-bye, farewell.
//Panel 5//
Edgar & Marybel:
Farewell, Village of the Poes…village where the roses bloom!

The Portsnells are leaving the Village of the Poes. But this is not the first time. As I mentioned before, the incidents in the stories go back and forth in time. So a lot of Poe fans have experience building a chronology of the saga. We have already seen that in "Translucent Silver Hair," the Portsnells also lived for a short while in an unspecified town and met Charles when he was 14 and then when he was 44. Based on the fashions in that story, I placed the first incident between 1795 and 1820, and therefore the second incident between 1825 and 1850. The number of the Poe fan sites as well as the Japanese Wikipedia article on Poe seemed have a consensus that the first incident was around 1815, and the second 1845.

If so, this is at least the third outing into the human world for the Portsnells. We can place this current story at around 1880, based on Dr. Clifford's line on Page 120. Poe fan sites and the Japanese Wikipedia says this incident was in 1879. In "Translucent Silver Hair" Marybel tells Charles how her family "never stay in one place for very long. We’re always traveling. We won’t be in this town for long, either." So either they left the village more frequently, or once they leave, they stay out for a while visiting various locations.

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