Thursday, May 10, 2007

Glen Smith's Diary (Page 43)

Wow, that was a long interview. It was very interesting and I have a few things to comment on, but let me shift gears and go back to the "Poe no Ichizoku" translation.

The third episode "Glen Smith's Diary" immediately follows "The Village of the Poes" in the August 1972 issue of Bessatsu Shojo Komikku. From this point on, the readers will be treated to the "Poe" episodes every month until "Kotori no Su" ends in the July 1973 issue of Bessatsu Shojo Kommiku.
  • Advance notice appears in Feb 1972 issue: "I am dying to draw a story of a vampire brother and sister."
  • Transparent Silver Hair: March 1972 Issue
  • The Village of the Poes: July 1972 Issue
  • Glen Smith's Diary: August 1972 Issue
  • Poe no Ichizoku: September - December 1972 Issues
  • Marybel and Silver Roses: January - March 1973 Issues
  • Little Birds' Nest (Kotori no Su): April - July 1973 Issues
The third episode is only a one-shot short but it starts out with a prologue and ends with an epilogue, in anticipation of the the larger scale saga that follows. This episode is in itself a mini-saga, but curiously it follows the lives of ordinary people, not vampires. I actually like this episode a lot. I hope you enjoy it, too.

//Panel 1//
Who should it be?
//Panel 2//
We'll decide.
//Panel 3//
Hey, I've got an interesting story. Your last name is Portsnell, isn't it? —Edgar Portsnell.
Louuuis, Louis, can you get the seat by the window for me!
//Panel 4//
Got it!
Yes, and if you happen to have a sister named Marybel…
//Panel 5//
then it gets even more interesting.
Last week when I was at my aunt's place, I found an old diary—
//Panel 6//
…I did have a sister
//Panel 7//
named Marybel.


Isao said...

I am a Japanese. Great job!!
I love "Glen Smith's diary", too.
I think this is one of the best stories in "Thd Poe".

Nancy said...

Thanks, Isao, I appreciate your comment.