Monday, August 27, 2007

Marybel and the Silver Roses (Page 204)

//Panel 1//
You shouldn’t fight. Don’t you see how you startled your little sister? She’s crying.
//Panel 2//
Baron Portsnell:
//Panel 3//
Baron Portsnell:
The wheel alignment is finally repaired.
Please get in…we’ll be at the manor shortly.
//Panel 4//
//Panel 7//
Baron Portsnell:
You are—
Baron Portsnell:
The two of you are—

In Panel 3, Baron Portsnell uses the word 轍 (wadachi), which literally means "wheel tracks" or "wheel ruts." Because it is difficult to imagine all carriages having the same exact width and thus fitting in the same ruts or tracks, I'm convinced that this was an error in her (or an editor's) choice of vocabulary. But I had to make an educated guess that she meant to refer to alignment of the wheels.

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