Thursday, June 7, 2007

The Clan of the Poes (Page 91)

//Panel 1//
Edgar's Narration:
In ten years… I'll be just as I am now.
//Panel 2//
Edgar's Narration:
Time will pass me by, overlooking me—
Well, it seems like your family has arrived.
Edgar's Narration:
In ten years…I'll wake up to the same morning—
//Panel 3//
Baron Portsnell:
Excuse us…
—Well, well, Baron…!
I just finished treating…
//Panel 4//
//Panel 7//

There were more tricky sections to translate here. In the first panel, Edgar says literally something along the lines of, "Even if ten years pass, I'll be like this/as I am." Panel 2: "Time, pretending not to notice me, will go on past my side—" And then: "Even if ten years pass, facing the same morning—" So this is another example of the poetry that is delicate and difficult to translate from one language to another.

Anyway, the above passage reminds me of Groundhog Day. I know, Edgar doesn't literally repeat the same day over and over, but he is weary of the fact that in the bigger picture, nothing will essentially change for him. And this is despite all the different travels (both geographical, and through time) that he may experience. Anyway, that movie was a poignant comedy, while Edgar's plight is merely sad, and I detect some bitterness in him, too.

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