Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Clan of the Poes (Page 82)

//Panel 1//
Baron Portsnell:
Edgar, you're not casting a reflection in the glass!!
//Panel 2//
//Panel 3//
Baron Portsnell:
Right. That's better.
If you don't want a stake driven through your chest, never fail to act like a human!
//Panel 4//
Pretend to breathe…to have a pulse…
Cast reflections in mirrors, show signs of pain when your finger gets caught in a door…
I can do that much. Let me prove it.
//Panel 5//
Baron Portsnell:
Well then, go ahead and show me.
//Panel 6//
How boring. If you go to school, then I'll be all alone.
//Panel 7//
…I'll bring home a friend.
Really? Who?
//Panel 8//
Allan Twilight.

Here are some lessons in how to pass as a human. It must be inconvenient to have to force yourself to have a pulse. So much to remember before leaving the house each morning! No wonder the Portsnells tend to keep to themselves…Though that in itself can attract attention, too.

Poor Marybel doesn't really have much to keep her occupied, does she? It really is a lonely situation.

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