Monday, June 4, 2007

The Clan of the Poes (Page 86)

//Panel 2//
Allan Twilight's rules…?
What do you do with such an overbearing approach?
//Panel 4//
…The fortune I will inherit at 18 is under my uncle's supervision
and this whole city, this whole port, is under the influence of the company.
If I say one word…
Well, I see—in other words you can't do anything on your own.
//Panel 5//
How dare you talk to me like…
If I dare, then what? I'll handle it with my own two hands if someone rubs me the wrong way.
//Panel 6//
Hmph, I thought you would be better than this.
Bye! I'm probably better off looking after my sister at home.
//Panel 9//
That new kid. What's his name?
//Panel 10//
The new kid!
Er, uh…do you mean Edgar Portsnell?

So Edgar gives Allan a tongue-lashing. And it appears to have worked! Allan is clearly impressed with this new kid who is the only one with enough guts to stand up to him. It's almost like the challenge of a seduction between the two of them, the way Hagio plays it out.

By the way, there is an error in the original Japanese—when Edgar says "上段にかまえて" it should really have been "大上段にかまえて" as the set phrase, meaning "to take an overbearing approach."

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