Monday, June 11, 2007

Very Very Current, Trendy Vampire News!

Very Very Current, Trendy Vampire News!
I don't have much info right now, but have just learned that HBO (one of the big US cable networks that is known for its creative programming) will be offering a new, upcoming series entitled "True Blood." It will be produced by Alan Ball, who is responsible for the wonderful "Six Feet Under", and is based on a novel series by the novelist Charlaine Harris, about some vampires who arrive in a small town in Louisiana and mix up with the locals there. Academy award winner Anna Paquin has already signed on to play a key (non-vampire) role.

I haven't read any of Harris's books, but glancing at her website, I get the sense that they are written in the vein of black humor.

I hope the series does well! When I hear more specifics about it, I will let you know.

(Ha! According to this link on the author's website-which also contains some illustrations of the HBO set being constructed-"'True Blood' takes place in a world where vampires can buy Japanese-made synthetic blood." I don't know why, but that little detail is amusing.)

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