Thursday, June 14, 2007

The Clan of the Poes (Page 100)

//Panel 3//
Shhhh. Hey—don't push!
//Panel 5//
Oh, uh, er, um, uh…
//Panel 6//
Are you friends of my brother?
Student 1:
How adorable!
B-brother? So that's his little sister!
Student 3:
I-is Edgar around?
//Panel 7//
Marybel's Voice:
He's here. I'll go and call him.
Student 2:
No—no, no, don't call him!
No need to call me, after all.
//Panel 8//
Why are you here?

What are you Saint Windsor students doing, sneaking around in someone else's garden?

I numbered the students according to their positions from right to left in Panel 6.

The わった ("watta") in Panel 7 is a slangy combination of "Wa—" (same as English: "Wuh" or something like that, kind of a surprised exclamation) and "matta" ("Wait" or "Hey, wait"). So I translated it as "W-wait!"

I've been meaning to say this before, but doesn't Edgar in Panel 8, especially enhanced by the perspective Hagio has chosen, look like a young Lord Byron, or some other English poet of the Romantic Age? And Marybel looks like a lovely young artist's model in her "japonisme"-style kimono. It's like they're way too cool for these little brats in their childish uniforms.

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