Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Clan of the Poes (Page 164)

//Panel 1//
Baron Portsnell:
The bubble’s burst. Look what has happened to Sheila!
Baron Portsnell:
And if we run up against a massive wave of local citizens? What will we do?
Baron Portsnell:
Scythes…stakes…crosses…people screaming!
//Panel 2//
I’ve seen that specter countless times!
You must remember when Old Hannah died.
//Panel 3//
//Panel 4//
Mother, where is Marybel?!
//Panel 6//

Baron Portsnell's first line in Panel 1 literally means, "The circle's broken." He is describing to Edgar how all their painstaking efforts to protect themselves and keep up a good facade have ended suddenly, all for naught.

It is weird (at least for me) how you can never feel entirely one way about this family. Baron definitely is portrayed as cold, and yet here there is a sadness to what he is describing, and it is possible to feel some sympathy for him. But then again, he and his wife, and even Edgar, are fully capable of being predatory and self-serving, and so they are really to blame for their predicament in a way. Also, could what happened to Sheila have been so unpredictable? They are playing with their own fate by this cat-and-mouse game they engage in with humans.

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