Monday, July 23, 2007

The Clan of the Poes (Page 155)

//Panel 1//
Baron Portsnell:
Draw the curtains, Edgar. I just don’t like that flash of light!
It pierces my eyes!
In some areas which practice Christianity, it is believed that God’s wrath strikes an evil person dead with a bolt of lightning.
//Panel 2//
I like it. It gives me chills, though.
//Panel 3//
So Marybel and Mother went out to shop for hats?
Baron Portsnell:
Old Dr. Castor’s house is behind the hat shop. It’s the plan that Jane will be there.
In other words, they’ll get a good look at the place.
//Panel 4//
//Panel 5//
Allan’s Narration:
I feel listless……
//Panel 6//
Allan’s Narration:
Winter is coming.
//Panel 7//
Does lightning frighten you, Lady Sheila?
Yes…as if…it were headed right for me!
//Panel 8//
You speak as if you were a sinner.
Ah, no. Let’s distract ourselves with a different subject. I ran into Jane at the hat shop.

As for the "ZA" that appears here in Panel 4 and prominently in the next few pages (also as "ZA ZA"), rather than the gentle, tapping noise of "pitter-patter", it refers to the constant, relentless sound of driving rain. I just can't come up with an English equivalent. I am not sure an English onomatopoeia for this sound even exists.

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