Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Clan of the Poes (Page 129)

//Panel 1//
We've been found out!
//Panel 3//
Baron Portsnell:
Did you let them escape?
Why didn’t you finish the job?
//Panel 4//
That’s not important—we ought to leave this place…right away.
Baron Portsnell:
Calm down. Take a seat.
Who is this? …Your friend? What happened?
//Panel 5//
I aimed for…directly beneath his ear……he pushed me away
Baron Portsnell:
It’s the softest spot.
……then he began to recite from the Bible.
//Panel 6//
Baron Portsnell:
The Bible!? And you ran off? How pathetic!
I can't take that. It was scary…! You'd feel the same!
//Panel 8//
Baron Portsnell:
This is a good place…an old port town that’s just undergone rapid commercialization.
A young city, thronging with newcomers.
No trace of detestable legends or incidents springing up from the native soil.
People here celebrate progress. They view themselves as consummately modern,
and practice their faith in moderation
……it’s a good place.

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