Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Clan of the Poes (Page 147)

//Panel 1//
You came…
//Panel 2//
Marybel’s been terribly worried. She insisted I come visit you.
//Panel 3//
My throat’s slightly sore, when I talk, that’s all.
That’s not good…
//Panel 4//
But the fever’s gone down……
//Panel 5//
Tomorrow I’ll be up and about.
//Panel 8//

The last panel on this page is incredibly shocking and sudden. It is not until reading on into the first panel of the following page that you realize that it is only a mental image or imagining of Dr. Clifford as he stands at the door, shaken out of his horrid "daydream" to see Edgar standing in front of him. Note that in the second panel of page 148 Edgar looks creepy and devilish, which is also Clifford's subjective feeling, now that doubt has set in completely.

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