Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Village of the Poes (Page 31)

//Panel 1//
Old woman:
The sun sets now. Please return to the mansion. You won't find your way out of this village by yourself.
//Panel 2//
Glen Smith's Narration:
The Village of…the Poes…
//Panel 3//
…Here, your meal is served. Yes, Miss Marybel is no longer critical.
//Panel 4//
Glen Smith:
Not critical!
//Panel 5//
Glen Smith:
Oh, with that injury, I was rather sure she wouldn't make it.
How is she…conscious?
//Panel 6//
Baron and Lady are attending to her very closely now, but it looks like everything should be better tomorrow.
//Panel 7//
Glen Smith's Narration:
My dinner was just soup; no bread or wine. But I was relieved nonetheless…

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