Sunday, April 15, 2007

Translucent Silver Hair (Page 11)

//Panel 1//
…Um, why don’t you open any windows? It must be dark inside. Like you have someone ill in there.
//Panel 2//
It doesn’t matter. None of us ever loves a house or a town, not my father, my mother, my brother nor myself.
//Panel 3//
We never stay in one place for very long.
//Panel 4//
We’re always traveling. We won’t be in this town for long, either.
//Panel 5//
Well, then, you’ll be leaving someday…for somewhere else?
Someday, yes.
Don't leave!
//Panel 6//
Don’t leave! I won’t let you—please don’t go! Because I love you!
//Panel 7//
…There was a girl with translucent silver hair…
//Panel 8//
Marybel's Voice:
So beautiful…

In the first panel, Charles finally blurts out his base anxiety—that her family is a bit different, in a way that has already been remarked upon unflatteringly by his own household. Marybel's response is not defensive or angry, but yet she is resolute in explaining the family's typical pattern of leaving places quickly. In Panel 2 does she say, "いいのよ" in sympathy with Charles, or to brush him off? It's like she's saying, "This is how it's always been done; don't question it." Or is that her way of convincing herself that she has no choice in the matter? It is hard to read her facial expression: She appears stoic, guarded, but perhaps also feeling some sympathy for Charles and his obvious distress at her imminent departure. However, in Panels 6 and 7 she seems uneasy and conflicted with his sudden attachment (though it's likely that deep down, she's pleased).

This is a very poignant moment in the story, where we have a glimpse of a very lonely existence.

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