Monday, April 9, 2007

Translucent Silver Hair (Page 10)

//Panel 1//
Maid’s voice:
They say he was walking toward the old mansion on the edge of town.
That’s all? What’s wrong with that!
You don’t understand, do you!?
That's exactly why…it's frightening!
//Panel 3//
Your brother has been there the whole time.
Does it bother you?
I don’t like it.
//Panel 4//
Then let's hide where he can't see us—this way.
//Panel 5//

First of all, the perspective changes to a mid-range shot of this mythical stranger who walks down the street. Emotions are heightened by the expressionistic depiction of his flowing cape and the streams of wind curving across the page, along with the warped cobblestone road and buildings hovering on the left side of Panel 1.

Suddenly in Panel 2 it's daylight again, and we move to a brightly-lit closeup of Edgar...but the undulating wave of his scarf is a carryover from the previous panel, and his eyes bear a watchful expression. It turns out that as lovely as the scenery is in the gazebo with roses all around, Edgar's intense scrutiny cannot be ignored.

It is also interesting to see that Edgar appears to be overprotective of Marybel, and Marybel defies him a little bit here. She is much more open to external relationships. We will see.

Check Panel 5: something is on Charles' mind, which he's hesitant to express.

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