Monday, April 16, 2007

Translucent Silver Hair (Page 13)

//Panel 1//
//Panel 4//
You are leaving…
//Panel 5//
Thank you for your friendship, Charles.
//Panel 6//
But I—Marybel…you know, I love you…
Let’s go, Marybel.
//Panel 7//
//Panel 8//
That was the first time I set eyes on Marybel’s family.
//Panel 9//
The beautiful lady who took in these two siblings…and the tall Baron…
//Panel 10//
Before Spring turned to Summer…
Marybel was gone.

Whose shadow is cast down on the cobblestones in Panel 1? Somehow it's a disturbing image. There are effect lines to indicate movement; this is Charles, from this highly unusual vantage point, running to catch up with Marybel. How much time has gone by? The leaves on the tree in the backbround of Panel 3 still look lush and verdant, but the clothing worn by Marybel and her parents is dark and heavy-looking...definitely not spring-like. I personally wondered as to whether there were other get-togethers between Charles and Marybel from the time of their initial meeting and her departure. But there is no strong indication either way.

In any case, she is leaving, and in Panel 3 she looks nearly as forlorn as Charles. In Panel 5 she manages a very stiff, formal acknowledgement of their friendship. And in the next panel, he once again confesses his feelings toward her...while in the background Edgar looms, with eerie, menacing eyes.

In Panel 7 Marybel once again shows the happy, sweet expression she bore when they first met. In the next panel, in complete contrast, we see Edgar in the foreground, with his glowering parents behind him...all staring at Charles, with creepy, otherwordly expressions. The message is clear: You are not one of us.

The final panel confirms that yes, it is still Springtime when they abruptly depart. How many days could they have possibly occupied that house? What is their rationale in coming and going this quickly?

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