Sunday, April 29, 2007

Terve, Bom Dia, What's Up?

Hi. As I'd mentioned in a reply to someone's comment, I'm amazed to see interest in Moto Hagio from many unexpected places. Finland, Israel, Brazil, Portugal, India, etc., etc....Maybe this is because I'm American and have no expectation that most interesting Japanese literature is ever going to be translated (at least officially) into English. Also, being able to read and translate Japanese myself, I'm pretty ignorant of what goes on on the web in terms of scanlation activity and those sort of fan sites. If I really want to read something, I just have to crack open my dictionary and take a shot at it!

But as I'd mentioned in my comment, perhaps Moto Hagio's work is much more available in translation outside the U.S./English language market? I would be really curious to know. In any case, whether she's been translated into your language or not, it would be fascinating to hear how people have come to know about Moto Hagio, whose most well-known work goes back 30 years. What was the first thing of hers you read? What do you like best, or wish you could find translated into your language?

I'm not doing a marketing survey :-) I'm just appreciative of the varied fan base she seems to enjoy.

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