Saturday, September 1, 2007

Marybel and the Silver Roses (Page 209)

//Panel 1//
Baron Portsnell:
Sheila? I’ve loved her ever since she was fifteen.
//Panel 2//
Baron Portsnell:
This sort of thing isn't right, but…
Baron Portsnell:
When she was sixteen, she was to marry into a certain earl’s family for financial reasons. However—
//Panel 3//
We both loved each other.
Well, on the spur of the moment, we eloped…she threw everything away.
//Panel 4//
Baron Portsnell’s Narration:
The first time I met her was on the occasion of the earl’s announcement of their engagement.
Baron Portsnell’s Narration:
Sheila was only fifteen, but had her hair done up, fringed like a noblewoman’s, a corset narrowly cinching her hips, and she flirted coquettishly—yet she spoke in the voice of a young girl.
Baron Portsnell’s Narration:
Then at once I felt it—
That it was she who would be my wife for eternity.

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